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Aug 22 , 2021


I want to visit again! (lunch & cafe in Osaka)

Hi! I’m Chihiro!


I introduced my favorite café in Osaka that I’m repeating in my previous blog.

This time, I want to recommend lunch and café in Osaka that I tried once and want to visit again.


Let’s start!



①Restaurant Chez Noix (7minutes from Takaida station and Fukaebashi station of Osaka Metro Chuo line)


I tried hamburger set with bread that was freshly baked.

I felt like I was back in time because of the furniture and mood.



②SPOONBILL (Tenshiba in Tennnouji)


This is a café in Tenshiba.

I rarely go to Tennouji so I didn’t know that Tennouji has changed a lot.

They have botanical shop in the café that reminded me cute café in Korea. (I hope to be able to go abroad as soon as possible)

I visited here with my cousin in evening and stayed for 3 hours, but only one group came in to the café, so we really could have relax time with coffee and cake.



③hannoc (Nakazaki-cho station of Osaka Metro Tanimachi line No.3 exit )

This is a café in Nakazaki-cho station, and you can also walk from Umeda area.

This café was really fashionable and Photographable.

Each cake was really creative and they showed their pastry chef’s face and name.



④Musubidou (3minutes walk from Nakazaki-cho station of Osaka Metro Tanimachi line)

This is also in Nakazaki-cho, and you can eat rice ball, miso-soup, and some dishes.

You can choose one from two kinds of miso, and side dishes change every day.

They are closed now because of covid-19, but I can’t wait for visiting it again.


How was my recommendation?

When the state of emergency is lifted, please try them!


Thank you for reading my blog!

See you next time!😊


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