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Apr 06 , 2021


My favorite Osaka cafe!



Hi! I’m Chihiro!


I introduced retro coffee shop in my previous vlog when Osaka Metro was holding an event called “Jyunkissa Meguri” (Old coffee shop-hopping).

This time, I want to recommend my favorite café in Osaka that I’m repeating.


Let’s start!⇒⇒ (/・ω・)/



①R Baker Osaka castle park store

(1 minute from Morinomiya station of Osaka Metro Chuo line)


They sell lots of bread, but I want to recommend this morning set!

It has 2 plain bread, salad, boiled egg and drink, but it costs only 390 yen (tax excluded) with this volume.

You can bake bread with toaster as you like, and you can choose from several types of dressings.

I want you to try this morning set on the terrace on a nice day.




(4 minutes from Yotsubashi station of Osaka Metro Yotsubashi line)


This is the specialty shop of Tofu smoothie.

A couple in their 70s welcomes you with a lovely smile.

They have many kinds of smoothies, like blueberry, banana, Macha, strawberry and coffee.

It’s low in calories, so it’s also recommended for those who are on diet or are training.

There is no doubt that you will be addicted to it once you drink it.





(1 minute from Kitahanada station of Osaka Metro Midosuji line)


This is a simple café in AEON mall Kitahanada store.

You can drink siphon coffee here!

I thought that I could only drink siphon coffee at a coffee shop, so I was very shocked.

You can choose coffee beans from several types.

You can see the recommended way to drink on menu, so I want to recommend this café to people who haven’t try siphon coffee.




④Salon de AManTo

(8 minutes from Nakazaki-cho station of Osaka Metro Tanimachi line)


There are many cafes in Nakazaki-cho, I think that it’s the most difficult to enter if it was the first time because of the exterior.

It’s all covered with leaves that you can’t tell if it’s a café.

The interior is like a traditional Japanese house because it is a renovated old folk house.

You can feel nostalgic as if you came to grandma’s house even if you never visited traditional Japanese house.


The above is the Osaka café I recommend.


Did you find a café you wanted to visit?


It seems that the days of patience will continue, but sometimes please make time to relax at the café.



It’s getting warmer and warmer, and it’s the turn of the season, so please stay safe and love yourself.


See you next time!☺







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