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Aug 15 , 2020


My recommendation! The tourist spots the you can go from the Stay as one day trip!


Hello everyone! It’s Saki 😊



Our hostel, the Stay Osaka Shinsaibashi had closed since April 12th due to the outbreak of COVID-19, BUT WE REOPENED on July 23rd! We are committed to make sure that our guests feel safe and secure in our facilities.



We still have no idea when we can travel again, but today I would like to recommend you the tourist spots that you can go from the stay as one day trip!



Do you know the three famousviews of Japan?? The three famous views of Japan have been familiarly known by people since Edo era which is about 300 years ago. It consists of three different places in Japan which are Matsuyama, Miyajima, and Amanohashidate.

I have visited Matsuyama and MIyajima but not Amanohashidate. I have been waiting for the chance to visit, and finally I could complete all of the three famous views of Japan!



It takes about 3h to get there, and you can take either bus or train.

When I went there I took train (but you have to change lots of trains.), and when I came back I took bus. (There is a bus to get there from Umeda station.)






You can see Amanohashidate from the two different spots which are Amanohashidate view land and Amanohashidate Kasamatsu park.




I went to Amanohashidate view land first 😊

I took ropeway and reached the top of the mountain… ! And I saw this beautiful view!








Here, it is possible to enjoy famous Matanozoki viewing which is to view Amanohashidate from between your two legs.

Viewed in the Matanozoki way, the sky and the earth look upside down, making Amanohashidate look just like a bridge across the sky.

I did this, of course! But it was little embarrassing!

It was really nice weather! And the view was perfect!







And then I went to Amanohashidate Kasamatsu park.

You can go through Amanohashidate when you go to Amanohashidate view land and Amanohashidate Kasamatsu park.

There are various ways which are walking, bike, boat and so on.

I walked when I went there and I took boat when I returned.









When I was walking around I saw beautiful beach and I was healed 😊

I ate ice cream and it was so good!









You can take ropeway in Amanohashidate Kasamatsu park and there is a platform for Matanozoki as well.



The impression of this view is totally different depending on where you see from!

Which views do you like the most? It is so beautiful and spectacular so if you go there, I’m sure that you’d be impressed!




When the time that we all can travel and have fun comes, you should go to Amanohashidate!

I highly recommend this place. If you come to the stay and go there, please let us know your comments!


We are looking forward to seeing all of you 😊

Until then, please take care!

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