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Feb 24 , 2020


My Recommendation Spot.. Queenstown.

Nice to meet you,I am Mai.

I have been working since September and I would like to introduce my favorite city I studied abroad 3years ago.

It`s Queenstown,NewZealand!!!


This small town is surrounded by beautiful nature,lake and clear sky.

You can feel how international and safety town is like I used to hitchhike to my home.

★The Main place

Lake is quite blue and you can enjoy the water activities.

★Patagonia Ice cream shop

This is the best ice cream ever.You must try to eat it!!


★Many Events in Queenstown and around it.

Winter is opposite to Japan.From July to August is winter and the coldest on a year,at the same time many tourists comes here for winter sports.It is the busiest season.

∇There is the Autumn Festival in Arrowtown near Queenstown.You can see the parade of many old retro cars and children.They are so lovely and you will not able to stop releasing the shutter !




∇Illumination Event in winter


You can enjoy walking around the beautiful illuminations  in Queenstown every winter.



I was so satisfied with staying in Queenstown because i have met not only international friends ,but also

local peoples.

I would love you to visit this town!!


Thank you for reading to the last.






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