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Mar 30 , 2020


Where shall I go next…?



I’m Chihiro







How have you been?






Do you wash your hands many times?

Anyone can get face mask easily, so let’s wash hands, gargle, and disinfect hands not to catch the virus.






I’m just being serious not to hold a strap on the train these days.






So, anyways, this is my first blog update!









I am happy if you read this blog while staying at your home and doing nothing with beer.

(Please take it easy)







When I thought about what topic would be for my first blog, I wanted to share my travel memories with some pictures.







Some people maybe cancel their travel plan because of current covid19, so this idea came up to my mind.










I also canceled my plan to go to Korea and Kumamoto, Japan.

How can I clear this frustration…..








First one is Spain







Sagrada Familia




My impressions were “I do not know but it’s amazing” and “When is this completed”








Stained glass was really beautiful because the weather was so good this day and lots of sunshine shined in.








I visited Madrid and Barcelona.


I felt I was in some picture or artwork and became a heroine of movie.



If I just take picture of cityscape thinking about anything, it became instagrammable unintentionally.








Churro’s birthplace is Spain








I did not search to get any information of restaurant and just dropped in casually, but everything I ate in Spain was so delicious.







It was July but the hotness was different from Japan’s one, and it was really confortable.






I cannot wait to visit Spain for the next time already.









Next one is Guam







The hotel I had booked had a private beach, and I just said “I seriously DON’T go back to my home” right after I arrived at there.








There were some kinds of busses to connect between shopping center and hotels, so you do not need to worry about transfer even if you buy so many things or so tired to walk.








This is a picture of my first experience of parasailing


I really enjoyed with my friend









Eggs benedict








This is a photo spot that you can find so many pictures when you search about Guam.


A man appeared suddenly and took so many pictures of us and he even suggested us various kinds of poses lol


He was really nice and had a fun time










We took a picture with fallen flowers











It is difficult to travel now, but I hope that the situation goes well and everyone can travel all over the world.








Thank you for reading it until the very end


Where shall I go next…?


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