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Sep 14 , 2020


Air conditioning cleaning


It’s Sehwan 🙂

It’s been cool these days, but it was hot before!

I’ve lived in this apartment for 3 years, but I’ve never cleaned the air conditioner!

It smelled so I cleaned the air conditioner by myself.

The air conditioner filter and the outside were easy! However, I couldn’t clean the inside because I was careful because it would break if I made a mistake in cleaning or assembling.

So I called a a cleaner and asked for cleaning!

The time was about an hour and the questions were answered politely.

I was told that it would be okay to clean the air conditioner once every two years. If you haven’t cleaned the air conditioner yet, how about it? 🙂

The cost was about 7,000 yen.

* The photo was OK!


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