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Dec 16 , 2020


I want to go scubadiving!!

Hi, Keiko is here!

I’ve always met guests or staffs who really like to go travelling at here. This is one of good points as a reason why I’m working here.


I have a question. Where do you want to go if you can go anywhere you want?

My answer is “diving into the sea!” ;b

I have been to some diving spots in Japan. I can show you my photos in Kushimoto, Wakayama prefecture and Ishigaki island, Okinawa.




I miss view like them…OMG!

But I have never met the guests who stayed here and went diving… Where are they? ;b


Here, we have nice staffs who can speak Chinese fluently or know a lot of nice cafeterias in Osaka. When you come and stay with us, why don’t you ask us recommendations before exploring by yourself? Your smiling will make us happy!!


We are looking forward to seeing you someday!

Thank you!

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