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Oct 14 , 2020


Old-fashion coffee shop


I’m Chihiro.

Can you believe that we have only three months left until this year ends…?

I feel that time flies especially in this year because of the coronavirus.


Have you ever been to retro coffee shop which is opened from long ago?

I love both fashionable coffee shop that is photogenic and old-fashion coffee shop.


For the first three months in 2020, Osaka Metro held an event called “Jyunkissa Meguri”(Old coffee shop-hopping).

If you bring a pamphlet of this event to the coffee shop which is listed, you can get discount or get free drink.

You think that it is good event, don’t you?


I set a date with my friend, and joined this event.

Today, I will introduce 4 coffee shops which I visited.


  1. Suisha (Nishitanabe station)

My friend and me ordered neapolitan spaghetti with iron plate.

It was really delicious!!:)


  1. CABIN (Namba station)

The motif of this coffee shop is a ship.

The café space is in the basement and there is a river next to this shop, so I really feel that I’m in submersible.


  1. ZeRoku (Sakaisujihonnmachi)

We ordered the set of hot coffee and ice cream.

You can take ice cream out at the storefront.


  1. Kikusui (Ougimachi station)

My friend ordered pancake, and I ordered Zenzai that is a sweet soup made of red beans with sticky rice cake.

I love calm atmosphere of this coffee shop so much.



That’s all I visited on that day! How was it?

I highly recommend all of coffee shop.


We ate and drink coffee a lot but also walked a lot, so we were really hungry in the evening and we went to eat Korean food after joining this event!;)


If you have any recommendation of coffee shop, please let me know:)

Please take care of yourself:)


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